Music: “Katawaredoki” from the Kimi no Na wa OST

Hello May 2017! Spring is off to a great start. Look forward to some posts that are car related soon! It took me a while, but I finally got to catch “Kimi no Na wa” a.k.a. “Your Name” early last week.


The hype is real and I look forward to picking up the 4k Blu-Ray whenever it comes out. Also had the OST on repeat all week, so it’s only natural I’d choose one of my favorite tracks this month.


miss A “남자 없이 잘 살아”

I’m not much of a “koreaboo,” but I’ve been a big fan of miss A’s Min since “Bad Girl, Good Girl.” She’s clearly the most talented of miss A. What can I say? She seriously carries some “swag.” Plus, I’m sucker for short hair, haha! So why post their latest music video? I genuinely like the cinematography. It’s very colorful.