Adventure Time: Bay Area Again

​St. Patrick’s Day weekend (April 17-19) was pretty jam packed for me. Back in February, I decided to buy some tickets for the Ducks v Sharks game and I ended up turning a game outing into a little mini-vacation with a couple of my friends.

Farewell for now, San Diego!

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Adventure Time: A Visit to the Pond

I can also finally say that I got to see Selanne play before his inevitable retirement. It’s a shame I can’t say the same about Kariya since I never got a chance to attend a game before he eventually moved on in 2003 from the Mighty Ducks and subsequently retired in 2010 because of concussions, but I digress. I’ve gotta say that I couldn’t have made a better decision for a game to attend. The Ducks and Kings match-ups are never disappointing and the crowd rivalry between two close markets always makes it more fun. You couldn’t get a better “money’s worth” for entertainment than a game that went into overtime at 3-3 and ended with a Ducks win in a shootout. I can’t wait for the next one I can attend.

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Odd Call

I received the oddest call last Thursday from the Anaheim Ducks front office. They called to ask me if I wanted to get a good deal on “great tickets” for an uncoming game. I guess they got my number because I purchased some second hand tickets from the NHL ticket exchange for a large group of people. Normally I wouldn’t have done it, but since everyone is on a fixed schedule and already had that day set aside, we decided to pony up a bit.  Either way it was a bit weird. I never had a phone call like that from the San Diego Chargers or the San Diego Padres. Oh well. Go Ducks!!!