Adventure Time: Bike the Bay 2017

A little over a month ago, I found out that a local annual bike ride was taking place in San Diego and talked to a friend of mine about signing up. Before we could convince ourselves out of it, we signed up for it on a whim.


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Cars: Auto Factory Realize @ Grange Motor Circuit 8/27/16

I can think of no better way to continue these recent stream of posts for this blog than sharing a video created by a couple of our old friends from 626 Drift and SoCal Drift. Keep a look out for a cool cameo from Ueno! Enjoy!

Cars: Twan’s Video from 10/1/2016

And for your enjoyment, here’s Twan’s video from 10/1/2016. This one fairly upbeat and gives me more of that classic “skate video” vibe. Enjoy!


Cars: Ron’s Video from 10/1/2016

As you may have noticed, there were couple GoPros mounted onto Ron’s and Twan’s cars while we were at balcony last weekend. Here is the first of two videos. This has more of a relaxed vibe compared to Twans, and I’ll post that in a couple days. Enjoy!




Missed the Perseid Meteor Shower?

I know I did. I originally wanted to head out to Borrego Springs, CA to get some nice photos, but I really couldn’t justify the trip that far out. Regardless, I can still enjoy seeing work other people did. I found this timelapse while searching browsing Vimeo’s Staff Picks and I just wanted to share. WordPress doesn’t do well with Vimeo embeds so I just linked the YouTube version. Enjoy!