Adventure Time: Bay Area Again

​St. Patrick’s Day weekend (April 17-19) was pretty jam packed for me. Back in February, I decided to buy some tickets for the Ducks v Sharks game and I ended up turning a game outing into a little mini-vacation with a couple of my friends.

Farewell for now, San Diego!

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Sports: Oh what?! I’m filling out my calendar.

I’m REALLY excited for this upcoming season. First of all, it’s the 20th Anniversary for the Anaheim (Mighty) Ducks! Plus, I was excited for the upcoming first outdoor Ice Hockey game in Southern California. As for the second, well, just watch this video. Woohoo!

In celebration, I will also post this highlight video, haha!

Sports: Ducks hand the Sharks their first regulation loss.


Great game last night. My favorite play of the night was from Fasth, between the pipes, poke checking the puck. It was bananas, but it paid off. Now the Ducks (6-1-1) are sitting comfortably at second in the division behind the Sharks (7-1-1) as of 3/5/2013.


Sports: Chargers v. Falcons 2012

Went to my first game of the 2012 season and I ended up witnessing one of the Chargers’ worst losses in the past decade. Lucky me. 😦