Music: “Katawaredoki” from the Kimi no Na wa OST

Hello May 2017! Spring is off to a great start. Look forward to some posts that are car related soon! It took me a while, but I finally got to catch “Kimi no Na wa” a.k.a. “Your Name” early last week.


The hype is real and I look forward to picking up the 4k Blu-Ray whenever it comes out. Also had the OST on repeat all week, so it’s only natural I’d choose one of my favorite tracks this month.


Cited: Fifth Annual SoCal S-Chassis Car Show/Meet

Hey everyone, I’ve been wondering how to share content from other people that I happen to enjoy or have myself or friends featured in. So, I decided to created a “Cited” category to cover this type of content. This category will feature photos or videos from other bloggers, photographers, and cinematographers with proper citation. This also means that the original creator can feel free to contact me if they wish to have their content removed from this blog.

For the first post in this category, I would like to share photos from the Fifth Annual S-Chassis Car Show/Meet taken by Limit Photography!

Image by Limit Photography via Facebook

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Sports: Oh what?! I’m filling out my calendar.

I’m REALLY excited for this upcoming season. First of all, it’s the 20th Anniversary for the Anaheim (Mighty) Ducks! Plus, I was excited for the upcoming first outdoor Ice Hockey game in Southern California. As for the second, well, just watch this video. Woohoo!

In celebration, I will also post this highlight video, haha!