Adventure Time: Bike the Bay 2017

A little over a month ago, I found out that a local annual bike ride was taking place in San Diego and talked to a friend of mine about signing up. Before we could convince ourselves out of it, we signed up for it on a whim.


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Adventure Time: 2017 Red Bull Air Race, San Diego

Hey Everyone!

Not much to write about, but I’d like to share some photos that I took while I tagged along with a some friends to check out the Red Bull Air Race down in San Diego this past Saturday.

The crowd looking as one of the planes makes its way through the race course.

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Adventure Time: Bay Area Again

​St. Patrick’s Day weekend (April 17-19) was pretty jam packed for me. Back in February, I decided to buy some tickets for the Ducks v Sharks game and I ended up turning a game outing into a little mini-vacation with a couple of my friends.

Farewell for now, San Diego!

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Adventure Time: Lowlight iPhone 7 Plus Fun at the USS Hornet

A couple days ago, I took a quick vacation out to the Bay Area to visit a friend of mine who moved out there for a job a few months ago. As part of my trip, we decided to check out the USS Hornet Museum out in Alameda. Until yesterday, I wasn’t aware of the ghost stories or hauntings at the USS Hornet. The lore is pretty neat, but I didn’t experience or notice anything out of the ordinary… during the day. 😛

Welcome to the USS Hornet Musem

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Adventure Time: MX-5 Experience

Wow. What a day. When I was still in college, I didn’t think that driving out to Irvine or Los Angeles was that bad, but for some reason it feels like a chore now.

However, spending a bit of time in traffic between San Clemente and Irvine was worth it. For the longest time, I’ve been wanting to do a test drive of Mazda’s latest Miata. When I heard that Mazda was still doing the “MX-5 Experience” event, I made sure my schedule stayed clear for today.

PS. Sorry for the lack of photos. I was so excited and anxious to get behind the wheel that I didn’t even think of taking pictures until I was leaving.

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