Miata Build: Window Switches – Part Six

Happy belated new year everyone! I guess it’s time for a delayed post? Here’s a quick one for now. A big post should be coming up soon; I got a lot of fun plans ahead for the Miata in 2017.

I ordered quite a few things over the holiday season, but I actually only installed one thing so far because the part was the only thing really annoying me. Anyway, when I saw that RevLimiter had a Black Friday sale on their products, I immediately ordered new window switches with a carbon fiber plate.


To my surprise, RevLimiter sent me one of the coolest packages I’ve received for a car part. I ended up posting these photos on my personal Instagram and Adam re-posted it on the RevLimiter Instagram page.

When I opened the package, I was greeted by a nice card, some confetti, candy, a Hot Wheels bimmer, a couple stickers, some candy, and the item I ordered.


Surprisingly, I didn’t have any issues installing the new window switches with my ILMotorsport center console. The original unit came right out and the RevLimiter switches bolted right in without any issues. I think the only difficulty I really had was just routing the wiring harness since it’s a bit thicker and longer than OEM.


Once everything was put back together I gave the switches a try and my windows roll up and down perfectly now. Doesn’t look too bad, huh?



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