LORENinHD – Formula D Long Beach 2013


Loren does it again with his awesome jib and slider slots. He has one of the highest quality video productions in the drifting world and I look forward to seeing his videos after every major event.


Throwback Thursday: Testing at Inland Drift 2009

Oh boy, this brings me back. Since it’s “Throwback Thursday,” I think it would be proper to share with you a video that was shot by my buddy Kevin and edited by yours truly. In the summer of 2009, Rudy at Inland Drift decided to lease an empty parking lot at a fairground in the Riverside area and invited the Rush Crew over with 37 other drivers to test the track for free over the span of a weekend. Anyway, here’s a video of one of the days of the test weekend. In hindsight, I should have brought a tripod for Kevin, haha.