<3 the 666th Devil Dogs

While playing a quick session of Planetside 2 today with the 666th Devil Dogs’ Hammer 1-3 squad, I won in their second round for the Nvidia Premium Promo Pack code. It came with a limited edition camo skins for armor, vehicles, and weapons along with a modified zephyr cannon for the Liberator bomber. It looks pretty cool and it’s really rare too. After I won, I’ve been getting random tells from people outside the outfit that have never seen it. It’s supposed to be an exclusive for European players, but EVILPIG was able to get a bunch of codes for outfit events from Nvidia in Sweden (I think). Anyway, if you haven’t tried the game out yet, be sure to give it a shot. It’s pretty much a futuristic Battlefield game with 2000 players on each server; roughly 666 players per faction. Big thank you to EVILPIG for making cool prizes like this possible every weekend.



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