What’s your excuse?

Planetside 2 officially released last Tuesday and I can only say great things about the game. As a regular on Planetside, it’s a joy to see the latest iteration make a positive impact on the FPS community. Even better, it’s now free! Too bad that doesn’t apply to me. I’ve been suckered into a membership and thousands of in game credits. No regrets though. If you want to check it out, be sure to download Planetside 2 FREE from Steam or from Sony Online Entertainment.

If you want to play sometime, be sure to add me. My main character is named Flipzide. I’m on the Connery West Coast Server playing on the New Conglomerate with the 666th Devil Dogs Outfit. Be sure to check it out! This is a MUST PLAY for any FPS fan. If you do, be sure to join the 666th Devil Dogs. I’ve been with the outfit since 2003 and it’s the best Planetside experience to have.

Adventure Time: Gabby’s Trip to Seaworld!

So if you’re in Southern California and you just went to Disneyland on Saturday, what would you do with your Sunday? Go to Seaworld in the best city on the west coast of course! Nothing better than seeing Shamu after a day at Disney. (On a side note,  it was a good thing I was at Seaworld instead of watching the Chargers embarrass themselves once again. Ugh.)

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Gabby’s First Time at Disneyland

Last week, my cousin came to visit with his family from Chicago. This was my first time meeting his wife Kristine and their baby Gabby. Since they had only a week in California, their first plan was to surprise Gabby by bringing her to Disneyland last Saturday. She was completely unaware of where we were going and didn’t realize where we were until she started seeing Disney Cast Members walking around in full costume.  Happy to report that she had a wonderful time!

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