Eileen’s Wedding

Oh wow. It’s almost been a month since my last post.

Well, today was my Mom’s longtime co-worker and friend’s daughter’s wedding. (Is using that many possessives in a sentence grammatically correct? Haha.)

Anyway, here’s a couple shots that came out “OK.” With mixture of a camera and lens combination that doesn’t do well in low light without a flash, alcohol, and a lack of motivation to move around the a room full of people that I didn’t really know, I’d say they came out as well as the effort put in. OUCH.

On a sidenote, I never noticed how handy converting to black and white can be when trying to save a photo that didn’t come out with the exposure I expected. Also, there was about 450 people in attendance; making this the largest wedding I’ve attended. Another neat tid-bit of info is that this was my first wedding that I’ve attended after turning 21 that had an open bar. Awesome.

PS. Happy Birthday again, Twan! Sorry I couldn’t make your birthday get together today.

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