Is this real life?



Throwback… Tuesday?

Been packing up some old stuff and found old tickets from some drift events back when I was 13-16. Feeling nostalgic, I also wanted to share an old video of a me driving my S14 at a track. This was the last time I went before concentrating on my studies 100% and it was also the first time I drove since I dropped in a new long block. I’ll also throw in the old video of my car before I installed the cage (and the last open drift event at National Orange Speedway) just because driving on banked turns is fun, haha.

Sports: Chargers v. Falcons 2012

Went to my first game of the 2012 season and I ended up witnessing one of the Chargers’ worst losses in the past decade. Lucky me. 😦


Another Desktop Photo

Another long night of some “projects” I decided to do and I decided to take a break to try something new. Last time, I took a photo of my desktop by just setting the camera to bulb and holding the shutter down for 25-30 seconds. This time, I decided to try out my macro light.

For this picture, I compiled 3 different photos; each with a different focus. The first is just the desktop on my monitor. This is the only light source aside from the red neon light in the back. If I left this on, it would be overexposed and show up as white compared to the stuff on my desk. For the second shot, I focused the macro light to avoid reflections on the bezel of the monitor and also played around with the shutter speeds. I believe it was around 20 seconds. And for the last shot, I held the macro light and waved it around stuff I wanted to highlight and then set the camera bulb to 30 seconds. I even turned down the brightness of my iPhone to make it not appear overexposed.

I’m pleased with my results, but I realized I forgot something. My second monitor was off and now I’m too lazy to try it again. I want to try something like this on a larger scale in the future. Maybe with my friend’s car.


Canon 6D Ad

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Canon 6D

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