Throwback… Tuesday?

Been packing up some old stuff and found old tickets from some drift events back when I was 13-16. Feeling nostalgic, I also wanted to share an old video of a me driving my S14 at a track. This was the last time I went before concentrating on my studies 100% and it was also the first time I drove since I dropped in a new long block. I’ll also throw in the old video of my car before I installed the cage (and the last open drift event at National Orange Speedway) just because driving on banked turns is fun, haha.

Another Desktop Photo

Another long night of some “projects” I decided to do and I decided to take a break to try something new. Last time, I took a photo of my desktop by just setting the camera to bulb and holding the shutter down for 25-30 seconds. This time, I decided to try out my macro light.

For this picture, I compiled 3 different photos; each with a different focus. The first is just the desktop on my monitor. This is the only light source aside from the red neon light in the back. If I left this on, it would be overexposed and show up as white compared to the stuff on my desk. For the second shot, I focused the macro light to avoid reflections on the bezel of the monitor and also played around with the shutter speeds. I believe it was around 20 seconds. And for the last shot, I held the macro light and waved it around stuff I wanted to highlight and then set the camera bulb to 30 seconds. I even turned down the brightness of my iPhone to make it not appear overexposed.

I’m pleased with my results, but I realized I forgot something. My second monitor was off and now I’m too lazy to try it again. I want to try something like this on a larger scale in the future. Maybe with my friend’s car.