Adventure Time – Balboa Park

Hello everyone! If you didn’t know, I’m a fan of Adventure Time. Since there is really no way for me to go on adventures to save Princesses in distress from the Ice King, random trips will have to do. I also don’t have a transforming dog named Jake, but I brought along one of my best friends for the ride. (Actually, he drove. Ha!) This post will be the first of many “Adventure Time” posts. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Today’s Objectives:

  • Eat lunch at the Golden Chopsticks in for the best salt & pepper chicken wings in the world. [Golden Chopsticks, National City]
  • Travel to the mysterious City of Seafood to purchase two bags of pandesal. [Seafood City, National City]
  • Trek over to the Park of Balboa to document the sights. [Balboa Park, San Diego]
  • Visit the corner kpop teahouse  where you can spot women with abnormally large… eyes. [Tapioca Express, “Convoy” San Diego]

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