Music: “Without You”

I’ve been on a really strong music kick since last Fall listening to a variety of stuff that I find pleasant to my ears while keeping myself busy. I figure that it would be fun to share some of my favorite tracks as I find stuff I enjoy on Spotify. I usually share stuff daily on Twitter, but the stuff I post on here are stuff that stands out to me.

To start off my first post, we’ll go with “Without You” to kick off February 2017!

Miata Build: Part 6 – Window Switches

Happy belated new year everyone! I guess it’s time for a delayed post? Here’s a quick one for now. A big post should be coming up soon; I got a lot of fun plans ahead for the Miata in 2017.

I ordered quite a few things over the holiday season, but I actually only installed one thing so far because the part was the only thing really annoying me. Anyway, when I saw that RevLimiter had a Black Friday sale on their products, I immediately ordered new window switches with a carbon fiber plate.


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Adventure Time: Lowlight iPhone 7 Plus Fun at the USS Hornet

A coupleΒ days ago, I took a quick vacation out to the Bay Area to visit a friend of mine who moved out there for a job a few months ago. As part of my trip, we decided to check out the USS Hornet Museum out in Alameda. Until yesterday, I wasn’t aware of the ghost stories or hauntings at the USS Hornet. The lore is pretty neat, but I didn’t experience or notice anything out of the ordinary… during the day. πŸ˜›

Welcome to the USS Hornet Musem

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